HS 245 Week 1 Family Mapping

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HS 245 Week 1 Family Mapping
Create a map of your family using Microsoft® PowerPoint®. This is NOT a family tree, as your family map will include elements of living which are important to you and your family; however, you will use the components of a family tree to complete the assignment. Begin with a hand-drawn ancestral chart. Visit ancestry.com and use the free resources to assist you in drawing your own ancestral chart and family map.

Include in the presentation the following:

Draft a copy of your family tree which goes back 2 to 4 generations, if possible.
Choose two people in your family who have taught you something of importance, perhaps a behavior, a method, or a how to do something.
What life lessons have you learned through these people?
What are some of the unwritten boundaries that exist in your family?
Did one person establish the rules in your family, if so, who?
Can relationships with people who aren't related to you that compares to your relationships with family members? 
How do you handle conflict with people from the past?
Extract your hand-written ancestral chart to submit with your assignment, this may require making it into a PDF to attach.

Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation which addresses the above information.

Format your responses and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit to the Assignments Files Tab.