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CJA 314 Week 1 Crime Data Comparison Paper

Resource: Films on Demand




“Crime and Punishment”


“Experiment Research and Design”


“Selecting a Sample”


Resource: Types of Crime video in CJ Criminology




“Introduction to Crimes Kiosk”


Resource: Criminology in the 21st Century




How Crimes are Measured


Utilize FBI Uniform Crime Report data and select one offense/crime, such as burglary, in two metropolitan areas.

Choose metropolitan areas with different data.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper comparing the occurrence of the offense in the selected areas. Identify the number of occurrences reported to the police for each area, and address the following questions:




Which area had more reported incidents?


What were the rates of the crime for each area?


Did the rates change over time in either area?


What factors specific to each metropolitan area might explain the differences in the rates?


Include at least two peer reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.






CJA 314 Week 2 Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

Resource: Criminology in the 21st Century: Classical School of Thought in Criminology.

Imagine the following scenario:

You are the criminologist advisor to a member of the state legislature. The legislature will soon vote on a bill that, if it passes, would double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. Your boss knows the bill is popular, but wonders if it will do much good.

Consider policy making as it relates to criminal offenses. What recommendations would you make? What are the reasons for your recommendations? Is this a good bill or a bad bill? Is this bill effective?

Prepare a 750- to 1,050-word proposal addressing the following:




Objectives/goals of the bill


Research which proves your recommendation


Justification for why the bill should be approved or not


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.






CJA 314 Week 3 Examining Theory Paper

Resource: CJ Criminology: Theories of Crime videos.




Social Structure Theories 




“Theory Explained”




Social Process Theories 




“Theory Explained”




Social Conflict Theories 




“Theory Explained”




For this assignment, you will choose from the following options.




Option 1: Social Structure Theory Paper


Option 2: Social Process and Social Development Theory Paper


Read the instructions in the University of Phoenix Material: Examining Theory and select one option to complete the assignment.

Include at least two peer reviewed references.

Format your 1,300 – 1,500-word paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.






CJA 314 Week 4 Personal Application of Criminology Paper

Read the following: You are the parent of a 16-year-old boy. You come home and find the door ajar. Inside, you discover your son’s friend looking in a kitchen drawer. He is from a lower class family and his father is serving a six-year prison term for armed robbery. He says he is trying to leave your son a note. On the counter next to him is a lock pick and some of your jewelry. The boy smells of marijuana. Do you call the police, call the boy’s parent, tell your son, or do something else?

 Write a 1,500 to 1,750-word paper, explaining your response and identifying and applying three criminological theories which best explain the youth’s behavior.

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.






CJA 314 Week 4 Week 5 Learning Team Outline

Prepare an outline for your team’s Week 5 assignment.

Submit your outline to the Assignments File tab.






CJA 314 Week 5 Criminology in the Future Paper

Access the Victims’ compensation websites in your state and the National Center for Victims of Crime website.

Review the following in Criminology in the 21st Century:




Criminology Interviews: Chief Michael Rand of Victimization Statistics Transcript


Criminology Interviews: Director National Gary Lafree Transcript


Terrorism: A Study in Public Safety


Resource: Films on Demand videos located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings:




“Sleeper Cell Networks”


“Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveillance”


“What is Biometrics?”


Research the following:




U.S. Patriot Act


The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003


Homeland Security Act of 2002


Write a 1,500  to 1,800-word paper addressing the following:




Future directions of crime fighting and its role in social policy implication


The potential for specific crime-fighting methodologies, such as using biometrics, implementing cybercrime spyware, or mandating DNA collection programs


Evolving law enforcement and forensic technologies used to detect criminal activities


Possible civil liberty or ethical violations as they relate to the evolving technologies you included in the paper


Discuss how the evolution of crime fighting may affect social policy from national and international perspectives.

Consider how the evolving technologies relate to national and international policymaking.

Format the paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.