QNT 275 Week 1 participation The Wisconsin Water Table

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QNT 275 Week 1 participation The Wisconsin Water Table
What is the Variance, Standard Deviation and Mean of the data below?

Wisconsin Water Table
This is a great example of a real table that you can find in academic journals or government periodicals.


All you have to do is find the mean, standard deviation and variance. We are going to be using this very same table for Z-score as well:


The following table presents a data file that lists the peak discharge from a hydroelectric project in

Wisconsin for the years 1957 to 1968. The variable peak discharge has an interval level of measurement. 



Year                                                     Peak Discharge

1957                                                                                                  1,120

1958                                                                                                  2,380

1959                                                                                                  886

1960                                                                                                  1,420

1961                                                                                                  1,480

1962                                                                                                  1,200

1963                                                                                                  657

1964                                                                                                  1,280

1965                                                                                                  1,640

1966                                                                                                  1,280

1967                                                                                                  1,740

1968                                                                                                  1,380

(source: U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey, Water Resources Divisions, Estimating Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in Wisconsin, 1971. p. 77. I19.2:W75)