PSY 110 Week 1 Support Systems Reflections

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 PSY 110 Week 1 Support Systems Reflections

This week, you will reflect on this week’s resources and your personal connection to them. This will give you practice in writing about these ideas and will help you to apply these tools in different areas of your life, such as school, home, and work.

Review this week’s readings and videos before starting.

Reflect on some strategies for becoming a successful student that you learned from this week’s learning content, including the textbook, videos, and classroom discussion.

Hint: The recommended Connect Activities include a self-assessment on time and stress management you might find helpful.

Download the Week 1 Worksheet from the options on the right. Address each question in every section. Make sure to proofread for grammar and spelling. The goal is to relate the course content to your real-world experiences.

Use the Title Page template.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.