ISCOM 472 Week 3 Process Improvement Opportunities

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 ISCOM 472 Week 3 Process Improvement Opportunities

Create an As-Is Process Flowchart for a process that requires improvement of your selected organization.

Explain the benefits of accurately documenting the As-Is process.

Research your organization that needs improvement and your benchmark organization.

Write a 700-word paper in which you identify and explain the process improvement opportunities and change management process and map the current AS-IS process.

Address each of the following in your paper:




Explain why process flowcharts to map the As-Is process is important to problem solving.


Use the matrix example given below to identify and benchmark process improvement categories: 




Identify and explain the following terms: 




Reduced lead-time/cycle-time


Improved quality


Elimination of waste


Reduced total cost process improvements.




Use the process above to benchmark these four categories against Toyota Production Systems (TPS) lean enterprise best practices.




Describe challenges the selected organization may face in implementing the areas for improvement.


Explain the importance of the current As-Is Process.


Identify potential consequences of incorrectly completing the As-Is flowchart


 Map at least two of the Matrix As-Is process improvement categories for your selected organization.


Use flowcharting process map boxes (spaghetti and/or swim lane) and at least two decision trees/blocks in the charting.


Include your As-Is Flowchart as an exhibit or figure in your paper.



























































Process Improvement Categories
Definitions (Identify and Explain)
Toyota (Best Practice) Description
Reduced Lead-Time / Cycle-Time
Improved Quality
Elimination of Waste
Reduced Total Cost


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use a minimum of 3 different references that are not from the same online text, library book or article.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.