BUS 211 Week 4 Persuasive Communication and the Job Fair Brochure

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BUS 211 Week 4 Persuasive
Communication and the Job Fair Brochure



Resources: Ch. 6 & 8 of Introduction
to Business

Continue to explore the
fictional company you created in Week 2.

have decided it is time to hire additional employees and would like to have a
job fair. It is your responsibility to persuade the organization that the job
fair will be beneficial.

Answer the
following in a 200- to 300-word response:

types of communication would be most effective in persuading the groups in your
organization--including trainers, employees, programmers, and managers--that
the job fair will be beneficial? Describe these communication types and explain
why they would be effective.

that you have decided on the most effective method of communicating to your
organization, you have set up a booth at the local job fair to generate
interest in your new company and search for prospective employees.

Create a 1-page
brochure describing your company's structure, business model, and culture.
Describe how organizational culture has influenced your business.

Post your
persuasive communication response and brochure as an attachment.

Format your
brochure consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.