MTH 208 Week 3 Checkpoint

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 MTH 208 Week 3 Checkpoint (The Latest Version A+ Guaranteed Work)

MTH 208 Week 3 Checkpoint

Q1:Make a scatterplot by plotting the given points. Choose the correct scatterplot to the right.

Q2:Complete the ordered pairs so that each is a solution of the  given linear equation. Then graph the equation.

Q3:Find any intercepts. Then graph the linear equation. Use the intercepts when drawing the line. If only one intercept exists,use it and another point to draw the line. Use the graphing tool to graph the linear equation.

Q4:For the graph on the right, determine if the slope is positive negative or zero.

Q5:If possible,find the slope of the line. Interpret the slope in terms of rise and run.

Q6:Sketch a line with the given slope m and y-intercept b. Write its slope-intercept form. Use the graphing tool to graph the equation. Use the slope and y-intercept when drawing the line.

Q7:Find the slope-intercept form for the line satisfying the following conditions.

Q8:Use the graph to find the indicated value of the function.

Q9:Use the table to evaluate the given expression.

Q10:Kara’s Custom Tees experienced fixed costs of $500 and variable costs of $4 a shirt. Write an equation that can be used to determine the total expenses encountered by Kara’s Custom Tees.

Let x be the number of shirts, and let C(x) be the total cost of producing x shirts.


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