HRM 324 Week 2 Internal and External Equity Comparison

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 HRM 324 Week 2 Internal and External Equity Comparison

Create an annotated bibliography for the topics of “Internal Equity” and “External Equity” in employee compensation.   Visit the Center for Writing Excellence, the Tutorials and Guides section and under the heading of “Samples”, you’ll find a link to Annotated Bibliography.  This link provides an example of an annotated bibliography.

As you can see from the example, each entry in the bibliography includes an article summary and an APA formatted citation.

The annotated bibliography should contain 3 articles about internal equity or external equity in employee compensation or a combination of both. “Article” being an article published in a journal, magazine or newspaper.  I recommend using the University’s library database to find these articles.

Your bibliography should have an APA formatted cover page.  There is no word count for this assignment.