BSCOM 410 Week 1 Media Matrix.

 BSCOM 410 Week 1 Media Matrix

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Media Matrix.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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Media Matrix


Complete the matrix below by defining each of the media keywords listed.  Then, discuss whether this keyword creates benefit, risk, or both for an individual.  Explain your responses.  Next, answer the short-answer questions that follow the matrix.  Include a reference page consistent with APA guidelines.

















































































Key Word


Media Literacy
Media Exposure
Building Blocks of Media Literacy (List and describe)
Mental Codes
Meaning Matching
Meaning Construction


Answer the following questions with short answers (one to three complete sentences).





Choose one of the seven (7) skills of media literacy described in your textbook. Why is this skill important?  Provide an example of its significance based on your own experiences.






What is a media message? Give two examples of media messages you have encountered today.






The text talks about having “more control over media” (p. 31). What is meant by this, and why is it important for you as an individual, and for society?






How might media literacy help you in your personal life? How might it help you in your professional life?