MGT 317 Week 2 Essential Management – Leadership and Followership

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 MGT 317 Week 2 Essential Management – Leadership and Followership

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this is assignment is to provide the student insights into the communication needs and challenges within a company. The student will learn about delegation opportunities and challenges and various leadership styles.

Assignment Steps

Locate the same business or industry you selected in Week 1.

Develop a 700-word minimum summary of the management processes successfully utilized in this business/industry.

Include the following:




Identify the communication methodologies utilized with associates, peers and various levels of management.


Discuss how tasks are assigned and how delegation is used to improve overall effectiveness in the workplace.


Compare the leadership styles utilized at various levels of the organization to secure followers and accomplish objectives.


Evaluate how your skills will translate into this role. What additional skills will you need developing? What skills will help you be successful?


Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

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