PSY 450 Week 4 How to Live to be 100

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 PSY 450 Week 4 How to Live to be 100

Your team is tasked to write a journal comprised of letters to your younger selves, or a loved one.  Your journal should include an introduction and conclusion that ties your letters together.  An APA formatted reference page must also be included. Each letter should be approximately 200-250 words long.

Each person should choose one of the factors, or one aspect of one of the factors, that are discussed in the video, linked below, that seems to contribute to longevity.  See examples below (you are not limited to these examples, your topic just has to be something that the video addressed).




How society is organized, specifically how the Sardinians treat older people, the “grandmother effect”


Okinawains – plant based diet, not what they eat though as much as how they eat.  Also, social constructs.  Finally, “the reason one wakes up in the morning”


Seventh Day Adventists – “Sanctuary Time”


Research that factor in more depth (each person must use at least one peer reviewed resource, and each person must use a different article or resource).

Each person should then write a letter to a young adult (someone in their late teens to mid 20’s), your young self, or a loved one.

I would like the primary focus to be on providing practical and specific advice on how your letter recipeint can incorporate the longevity factor into their life.  I want very little commentary or summarizing of the video iteself (I have seen it numerous times).

I would like the secondary focus to be on sharing the additional research you did on your chosen factor (why or how does this behavior, attitude, etc. contribute to longevity?).

Share whatever you think is most pertinent but the crux of your discussion should be sharing information on how the young person can meaningfully, practially, concretely incorporate the chosen factor into their own lives in the service of creating if not longevity at least better health (emotional, physical, social, etc.), and how or why this factor is beneficial.

Included at is an interactive transcript if you need it.