HIS 145 Week 4 Nixon’s Détente and Watergate Presentation

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HIS 145 Week 4 Nixon’s Détente and Watergate Presentation Instructions Resources: Moving On and MySearchLab Complete the following sections of the America and the World Presentation:
  • 2 to 3 slides: Describe the Watergate scandal and the fall of Nixon, as well as how the incident affected the American people and the post-Watergate presidencies of Ford and Carter.
  • 2 to 3 slides: Comparison of Nixon's détente policies to previous Cold War strategies.
Incorporate maps, images, and video from MySearchLab and from outside sources. Use two sources other than your textbook and include speaker notes with the presentation slides. Create a title page, an introduction slide, references slide, and a visual template to use on each slide throughout the presentation. The title, introduction, and references slides do not count towards the 4 to 5 slide requirement. Create the initial draft of a 2- to 3-slide conclusion. Review and edit the sections you completed in previous weeks. Include the Learning Team Evaluations in your Individual Forums. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Acknowledge your participation in the Online Classroom.