MTH 208 Week 1 participation MyMathLab® Frequently Asked Questions

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MTH 208 Week 1 participation MyMathLab® Frequently Asked Questions
Pearson's MyMathLab® is an online textbook resource that provides homework assignments and test questions drawn from the text. Questions selected from the text are assigned and automatically graded by the MyMathLab® software. In addition, extra assistance and videos explaining concepts are available for some problems. All individual assignments in this course are to be completed through Pearson's MyMathLab®. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access MyMathLab®?

The link to MyMathLab® is available in the Assignments area each week. When you access MyMathLab®, you will see a link on the left side of the screen for Homework & Tests. At the top of that list is the MyMathLab® Orientation, which you will complete in Week 1. Complete this orientation prior to working any problems.

What do I do if I have trouble accessing MyMathLab®?

If you experience technical problems, please call University of Phoenix Student Technical Support at 1-877-832-4867.

What are the Study Plan Prerequisite and Checkpoint assignments?

The study plan prerequisite assignments are sets of homework problems used to demonstrate mastery over each objective reflected in the weekly checkpoint quizzes. Each weekly study plan is a required prerequisite before a student can complete the weekly checkpoint quizzes or the final exam. Mastery on a given objective is demonstrated when the student successfully earns enough to pass a Quiz Me assessment on that objective.

You can retake the study plan Quiz Me assessments as often as you like until you demonstrate mastery on a given objective. However, you may only take the weekly checkpoint quizzes and the final examination one time.

How do I review my assignment results?

The Results tab in the column on the left side of the MyMathLab® screen lists the assignments you have completed along with the score you received on each. This is an effective way to track your progress through the course.

When I submit work using MyMathLab®, do I also need to submit it to the New Classroom?

No. You only need to complete work in MyMathLab®. Instructors can access MyMathLab® and check assignment scores. Please note that working in MyMathLab® does not count for attendance in the classroom environment.

Do I need to install any software to use MyMathLab®?

If you have issues accessing the assignments in MyMathLab®, you may need to install the MathXL® player and media plug-ins. Click the Installation Wizard link located in MyMathLab® under the Support tab to begin downloading.

Can I submit late work using MyMathLab®?

Check the the Instructor Policies document and the course syllabus.

What happens if I need to exit a Quiz Me, checkpoint, or final examination in the middle of taking it?

You should plan on completing each Quiz Me, checkpoint, and the final examination is individual sittings. However, if due to a technical outage you can return where you left off and finish the assignment you are working on.

When I take a Quiz Me, checkpoint, or final examination, can I skip questions and return to them later?

Yes, as long as you are still in the same session and return to the skipped questions before selecting the Submit button. You may not return to a checkpoint or final examination after submitting or exiting it.

Are there time limits on assignments or on the final examination?

No, by default there are no time limits for the assignments or final examination, but you must complete each assessment by the due date.

Am I automatically logged out of MyMathLab® after periods of inactivity? If so, how long does it take?

You will be logged out of assignments after 3 hours of inactivity. You will also be logged out of an activity if you use the browser's back button.

Is the score that I see in MyMathLab® my grade for the course?

No, the score in MyMathLab® reflects only the assignments completed using MyMathLab®. This score does not include participation and may have different point values in the classroom.

Does using MyMathLab® count toward attendance?


Are the questions in the textbook the same as the questions in MyMathLab®?

Questions in the textbook are similar to those in MyMathLab® but often have different numerical values. Also, the numerical values for each exercise are different for each student.

Is MyMathLab® compatible with Apple® computers?