PSY 280 Week 5 Developmental Issues Presentation


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PSY 280 Week 5 Developmental Issues Presentation

Create a 8-10 slide presentation which does the following:




Defines your selected issue and describes the importance of this issue to your identified developmental stage. How prevalent is the challenge?


Describes the physical, cognitive and/or socioemotional implications of the selected challenge on the identified stage of development. Are there any associated risk factors? How does the issue impact further development?


Provides specific advice, tips and recommendations for handling the developmental issue for positive future development. What solutions exist to solve the challenge?



Important Note: Each slide must have detailed speakers notes representing what the speaker would be saying to a live audience. Notes must be thorough, clear and error free.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines, including a slide at the end dedicated to references. A minimum of two scholarly references are required as references: the text and one of the additional readings or a peer-reviewed source from the UOPX Library only.

Remember that you must draw from your academic resources (i.e., in-class readings, outside scholarly sources) to help you elaborate, support and strengthen the ideas expressed in the brochure.  This will enable your team to communicate your authority on the topic.

Sample topics for consideration, but are not limited to:






the “terrible twos”


working mothers


child care






sex education




social media






death of a spouse


assisted living



Upload the final presentation to the Assignments section of class.  Also, post a final copy of your presentation to the Developmental Issues Presentation: Peer Review learning activity to enable your classmates to view your final product and constructively critique it in the discussion section of that activity.

A learning team evaluation (see Supporting Materials) is required upon completion of this assignment. Everyone should complete an evaluation and send it to me via private message.