ENG 235 Week 4 Synonym and Antonym Worksheet

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 ENG 235 Week 4 Synonym and Antonym Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Synonym and Antonym Worksheet.

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Synonym and Antonym Worksheet



Task 1: Synonym and Antonym

Write one synonym and one antonym that corresponds with the category of the given word.


For example:


Category: NOUN   Word: “Receiver”

Sample sentence:    The receiver claimed that the package arrived with damages.

Synonym: “Recipient”   Antonym: “Giver” (“Recipient” and “Giver” are both nouns.)






Category: ADJECTIVE Word: “funny”


Sample sentence: “Schindler’s List” is not a funny movie at all.


Synonym:              Antonym:






Category: VERB Word: “kill”


Sample sentence: The CEO has just killed the internship program in our company.


Synonym:              Antonym:






Category: ADVERB Word: “skillfully”


Sample sentence: The pianist skillfully performed Chopin’s Etudes while the audience sat and listened by

the edge of their seats.


Synonym:              Antonym:



Task 2: Parts of Speech Exercise


After working on Task 1, write a 150- to 200-word summary of the following:




Identify other parts of speech that generally may have synonyms and antonyms.


Identify parts of speech that do not generally have synonyms and antonyms.


Conjecture some reasons to explain the differences between the two types of parts of speech.



<Write your summary here.




Task 3: Identifying Ambiguity


Each of the following sentences are ambiguous. Explain what the ambiguity is, and determine if the ambiguity is semantic or otherwise.





Chris walked by the bank on a daily basis.






Pat ate the salad undressed.






Tim saw Joe with a telescope.






Luckily, my son made the school varsity team and won a medal in the first swim meet.






John bought a new boat, and he named it “Knot So Fast.”






For your own good, please have your colon checked.






Driver: “I should make a left here, correct?” Passenger: “Right.”






A: Is the diamond real? B: Oh yeah, it’s real alright.






They finally opened up the bank near the river, and I think it is great.