HST 275 Week 1 Week One Knowledge Check


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HST 275 Week 1 Week One Knowledge Check


Complete the Week One Knowledge Check




The Paleolithic Age is characterized by







domestication of animals.







the beginning of agriculture.







a hunting and gathering existence.







the invention of writing.


The Neolithic Revolution is characterized by







the development of urban-based civilizations.







the domestication of animals and the start of agriculture.







dependence on hunting and gathering techniques.







the manufacture and use of iron tools.


The development of writing first occurred during the







Paleolithic Era.







Neolithic Era.







Bronze Age.







Iron Age.


Which of the following shows the correct chronological sequence of historical eras?







Neolithic, Bronze, Paleolithic, Iron







Bronze, Iron, Paleolithic, Neolithic







Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron







Paleolithic, Neolithic, Iron, Bronze






















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Materials on the concept




Reason and the Scientific Spirit


Agricultural Revolution of the Song: From Serfs to Free Farmers






Foreign Contacts and Chinese Culture



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Mathematics could not develop until







the Sumerian sexagesimal system was adopted.







the time of Hammurabi, when mathematics developed alongside astronomy.







an independent concept of number was established.







All of these answers are correct.


Confucius believed that







government should be run by men of superior learning and culture.







the welfare of the common people mattered little in politics.







“might made right” so morality was whatever the strong said.







politics was unimportant and people should focus on personal salvation.


Daoists would most likely believe that







knowledge is a positive force because it shows the way.







knowledge is bad because it creates distinctions.







knowledge is neutral.







knowledge is secret and should be known by only a few.


All of the following are part of Buddha’s eightfold path except







right thought and speech.







right effort and action.







right livelihood and earnings.







right concentration and mindfulness.


Because of the revolutionary impact of Greek philosophy, people began to conceive of the world







in terms of politics and democracy, rather than gods and kings.







in abstract, universal terms rather than specific, personal, or mythic terms.







in terms of basic elements (such as water or atoms) rather than random, scattered elements.







in terms of finding comfort and escape from the stressful world of politics.


According to early Greek philosophers, how did the universe as we know it begin?







through a great explosion and random re-combinations of atoms







through the plans of an intelligent being







through the thoughts of several powerful deities







through a clash of chaos and order