SCI 220 Week 4 Quiz in WileyPLUS®

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 SCI 220 Week 4 Quiz in WileyPLUS®


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Test Bank, Question 3






























Your answer is correct.

Weight lifting stresses the muscles, causing them to adapt by increasing in size and strength. This process is called






































































Test Bank, Question 5






























Your answer is correct.

_____ are activities that specifically increase muscle strength, endurance, and size.
















Yoga and pilates

















Weight lifting and shoveling snow

















Swimming and rowing

















Jogging and walking



Test Bank, Question 9






























Your answer is correct.

Which of the following is a result of regular exercise?
















Increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes

















Reduced blood pressure

















Reduced bone density

















Reduced HDL cholesterol levels




Test Bank, Question 14

The exercise recommendations to maintain a healthy body weight are _____ those recommended to reduce risk of chronic disease.
















greater than

















the same as

















less than




Test Bank, Question 20

If you do not rest enough between exercise sessions, which of the following statements is correct?
















Both fitness and performance will still improve.

















Fitness, but not performance, will still improve.

















Performance, but not fitness, will still improve.

















Neither fitness nor performance will improve.



Test Bank, Question 21






























Your answer is correct.

Resting between exercise sessions is important because it
















allows the body to replenish energy stores.

















repairs damaged tissues.

















strengthens muscles.

















All of these statements are true.



Test Bank, Question 35






























Your answer is correct.

When an athlete “hits the wall”, which fuel has been depleted?
















Creatine phosphate






















































Test Bank, Question 41






























Your answer is correct.

Aerobic training _____the size and _____ the number of mitochondria in cells.
















decreases, decreases

















decreases, increases

















increases, decreases

















increases, increases




Test Bank, Question 48

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the female athlete triad?

































Disordered eating

















Improved bone density

















Low percentage of body fat



Test Bank, Question 59






























Your answer is correct.

Glycogen stores and endurance are increased by increasing fat intake.




































Test Bank, Question 8






























Your answer is correct.

The more excess body fat you have, the greater your health risks.




































Test Bank, Question 11






























Your answer is correct.

William has a BMI of 26.5 kg/m2. He would therefore be classified as
















normal weight.






















































Test Bank, Question 15






























Your answer is correct.

_____ measures an electric current traveling through the body and is used to determine body composition.
















Air displacement

















Bioelectrical impedance

















Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry

















Underwater weighing



Test Bank, Question 23






























Your answer is correct.

If an adult’s energy expenditure is greater than their energy intake, you would expect that the individual to _____ weight.


















































maintain his/her




Test Bank, Question 25

For most people, the majority of their total energy expenditure is from their
















basal metabolism

















energy intake

















physical activity

















thermic effect of food




Test Bank, Question 26

In general, non-exercise activity thermogenesis varies _____ between adult individuals.



































































not at all



Test Bank, Question 30






























Your answer is correct.

Which of the following would have an increased BMR?
















Tim, who is recovering from surgery

















Mary, who is pregnant with twins

















Sally, who is 8 years old and is an avid swimmer

















All of these would have increased basal metabolic rates



Test Bank, Question 47






























Your answer is correct.

For most people, a loss of 5-15% of body weight will significantly reduce disease risk.





































Test Bank, Question 51

Gloria is 5 feet 3 inches tall and her weight was 235 pounds. After one week of dieting, she stepped on the scale and found she weighed 228 pounds. The rate of weight loss that she experienced during this first week of dieting is within the range of recommended weight loss.





































Test Bank, Question 59

Weight-loss supplements that contain soluble fiber are proven to reduce weight.