BIS 221 Week 3 participation Introduction to Information Systems, Ch. 8 Wireless, Mobile

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BIS 221 Week 3 participation Introduction to Information Systems, Ch. 8: Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce
Smart Phones

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This week, we discuss how wireless technologies are used in the work environment. Although wireless technologies are blossoming in industry, there are some risks to consider, such as security. With the infusion of iPhones®, iPads®, PDAs, Bluetooth® devices, and other mobile devices, the potential to increase productivity in the workplace is available. However, there is risk associated with this capability. We must weigh the benefits of mobile computing against the risks that technology can present. 

In what ways have In what ways have smart phones that incorporate wireless technologies changed the business landscape?

Location-based tools?

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You can use location-based tools to help you find your car or the closest gas station. However, some people see location-based tools as an invasion of privacy. Discuss the pros and cons of location-based tools. 


Medical information on the Web

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IT has really improved healthcare practices. Medical personnel use IT to make better and faster diagnoses and to monitor critically ill patients more accurately. IT also has streamlined the process of researching and developing new drugs. Expert systems now help doctors diagnose diseases, and machine vision is enhancing the work of radiologists. Surgeons use virtual reality to plan complex surgeries. They have also used a surgical robot to perform long-distance surgery by controlling the robot's movements. Finally, doctors discuss complex medical cases via videoconferencing.  New computer simulations recreate the sense of touch, allowing doctors-in-training to perform virtual procedures without risking harm to an actual patient. 

Is the vast amount of medical information on the Web a good thing?  From the standpoint of a patient? From the standpoint of a physician?