HIS 335 Week 2 The Rise and Fall of the Western Front

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 HIS 335 Week 2 The Rise and Fall of the Western Front

Throughout this course you will be creating an online guide about Europe and the World Wars. Each week you will build on this until you have a comprehensive guide. You should build your guide in Weebly, or another website building site.

For Week 2, create a section on the development of stalemate on the Western Front.

Include the following information:




Describe the development of stalemate on the Western Front, and include the following information: 




How the Western Front materialized


How and why trench warfare developed


Descriptions of the battles of Verdun and Somme, including: 




How the battle began


The geography of the battlefield


The nature of the fighting


The number of casualties


The advance or attempt to advance of the attacking force


The disposition of the forces at the end of the battle




The concept of total war




Describe how the stalemate was broken, including: 




The entry of the United States


Germany’s 1918 western offensive


The Allies’ Argonne operation




Describe the resolution of the war, including: 




Wilson’s 14 points


Political effects in countries on both sides




Cite all sources according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit the link to your website to the Assignment Files tab.