MTH 219 Week 1 Getting Acquainted

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 MTH 219 Week 1 Getting Acquainted


Personal Bio

Hello, and welcome to MTH219,

My name is Sharon Totten, and I will be the facilitator for this class.  Below is my bio.  Please share your bio in this thread, too. I look forward to reading it and meeting you all.

I was born and raised in Fort Payne, Alabama, and although I have lived several different places in the US, I now find myself situated back in my old home town.

I raised my three boys in Fort Payne, but like many small town boys, they decided to “get out of town” as quickly as they could.  They have all gravitated to large cities, and thanks to them, I now get to enjoy traveling among different cities like Atlanta, Georgia…Birmingham, Alabama…Seattle, Washington…and many cities in between.

I am currently the Director of Advising at Northeast Alabama Community College in Rainsville, Alabama, but I spent the last eight years as a full-time math instructor, here.   Before landing at NACC eight years ago, I spent 17 years in a public school system as a math teacher, English teacher, and/or assistant principal. I have worked at all levels of the educational system from pre-K through college, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed them all!

In my spare time (what’s that?) I enjoy running, biking, Zumba and yoga. I have recently picked up the urge to learn about pottery, and enjoy “hanging out” at a pottery studio in Scottsboro, Alabama. Although I am not very good at it yet, I do enjoy working with the clay, and have hopes of actually making something recognizable in the near future.

Teaching is my passion.  I cannot imagine being happier doing anything else.  I truly believe in the power of the human mind, and I suppose that my philosophies are that we are never too old to learn, and that there is nothing we cannot do (to some degree) if we set our minds toward accomplishing it.