CJHS 400 Week 5 Resource File and Personal Theory Paper

CJHS 400 Week 5 Resource
File and Personal Theory Paper

I: Resource File

Reflect on
your previous assignments and the concepts, theories, and approaches you have
learned about throughout the course.

Create a
resource file to use in your future classes and in your career that includes
the following:

  • Aone-sentence
    summary of each of the following major theories:

    • Psychotherapy

    • Therapeutic

    • Behavioral

    • Cognitive

    • Systems

    • Multicultural

  • At least two
    intervention strategies for each theory

  • When the strategies
    should be used

  • The type of client
    or setting where the strategy would work best

Be creative
with this section of the assignment. Some possible ways the resource file can
be presented are in a file folder, flash cards, poster, paper, handout,
presentation, or a job aid.

Part II: Personal Theory Paper

Write a 350-
to 700-word paper where you create your own intervention theory. You may
combine theories or you can invent a completely new theory.

Include the
following in your paper:

  • Explain your
    personal theory and why you believe in it.

  • Describe the
    theories and theorists that you relate to the best and why.

  • What surprised you
    most about the theories learned in class and why?

Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines.