HS 215 Week 1 Community Enrichment Centers
HS 215 Week 1 Coursemate: Ch. 2: Health Care Reform
HS 215 Week 1 Demographics Now Research Scavenger Hunt
HS 215 Entire Course
GEO 215 Entire Course
GEO 215 Week 5 Greener Alternatives for an Urban City Expansion Presentation
GEO 215 Week 4 Climate Test
GEO 215 Week 4 Maps and Spatial Information
GEO 215 Week 3 Culture Essay
GEO 215 Week 3 Environmental Impact Pamphlet
GEO 215 Week 2 Population Movement
GEO 215 Week 1 Geography and Technology Worksheet
GEN 201 Week 5 Continuing Academic Success
GEN 201 Week 5 Career Interests and Market Research Worksheet
GEN 201 Week 4 Critical Thinking and Ethics Assignment Options
GEN 201 Week 3 Using Sources
GEN 201 Week 2 Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet
GEN 201 Week 1 Responsible Borrowing
GEN 201 Week 1 Student Resources Worksheet
GEN 201 Week 1 Preparing for Academic Success
GEN 201 Entire Course
CJS 255 Entire Course
CJS 255 Week 5 Rehabilitation Paper
CJS 255 Week 4 Prisoners with Special Needs
CJS 255 Week 3 Sentencing Paper
CJS 255 Week 2 Federal Prison Comparison
CJS 255 Week 1 Purpose and History Paper
CJS 251 Entire Course
CJS 251 Week 1 Court History and Purpose Paper
CJS 241 Week 5 Future of Policing Paper
CJS 241 Week 4 Police Operations Presentation
CJS 241 Week 3 Police Personnel and the Community Paper
CJS 241 Week 2 Police Organizations and Discretion Presentation
CJS 241 Week 1 Policing History and Function Paper
CJS 241 Entire Course
Marketing head of Tosel Inc.: Our company has been using an advanced CRM platform, Inito, which is
Sophie owns SugarCream bakery that produces 20 pastries in a day. The price of one pastry is $12.
Hush Sports Inc., sellers of sportswear, transitioned from being just a brick-and-mortar store to
Ricalta Inc. earns a total of $500,000 before interest and taxes. Its total debt is $1,110,000
MaxSale, a popular supermarket, is approached by Hartane's, an organic food producer, to sell its
Managers at Hush Sports Inc., leading manufacturers of sports apparel, are contemplating
Harry is receiving a loan of $3,000 from his friend to pay off some outstanding bills. The loan is
The current price of Latera Corporation’s common stock is $45 per share. The company expects to pay
Truno Corp. plans to purchase new project management software. There are three available choices
Robert, an ardent blogger, is approached by the marketing manager of LaBelle, a famous cosmetic
Claudia is a team lead in an organization. One day at work, a team member, Marc, informs Claudia
The capital structure of Wilken Corporation is given below. Calculate the weighted average cost of
General Pharmacy’s stock has a beta of 1.8 and an expected return of 14%, and Sicoras Corp.’s
A popular hypermarket chain came under criticism for failing to protect the e-mail addresses and
The intensive 45-day training program for new employees at Zed Inc. requires trainees to take
The owners of Brizzels’ Food Truck send live notifications to their customers when their truck is
Calculate the cost of preferred stock from the information given below: Annual dividend on preferred
Hailey's Food Inc. sells fish sticks at $3.00 a box. The government passes a law requiring sellers
Tony holds 350 shares of a company’s stock. At the end of 2015, the market price of each share was




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