Late Night Deep House Chords Round-Up (Wav)

Some years ago Twolegs Toneworks launched a series of soundsets called the Late Night Deep House Chords for various softsynths, e.g. U-he DIVA.

This collection of 50 original chord samples in Wav-format are taken from the series (volume 1-3).

The chords chosen to represent this round-up are centered around a minor 7th with an added 9 and a major 7th with an added 13. There’s also a few samples using a minor 7th with an added 11. The used voicings can differ.

Royalty Free samples (can be used in your music productions)

1. What am I purchasing?
When you purchase one of our sample libraries you are NOT obtaining OWNERSHIP of the sounds in the library. You are in fact purchasing a LICENCE to use the sounds within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. The original producer of the sounds will always remain the OWNER of the sounds.
Once purchased your license is NONTRANSFERABLE which means that the license is authorized only to the original purchaser. You are not permitted in ANY way to share the purchased sample library with others.

2. How can I use Twolegs Toneworks Samples?
Once you have purchased one of our sound libraries you have a single user license which permits you to use samples from that library in your own musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further royalties or fees for such usage. You cannot use the sounds from our sample libraries in isolation for a commercial release or project. For example you are not authorized to create another sample CD or sound library with any of the sounds from our products. Doing so will infringe copyright law and you will be liable for prosecution under the copy write design and patents act 1988. You are permitted to use the sounds in library or production music as long as you follow the guidelines above and use sounds in musical compositions rather than in isolation.

Created by Torben Hansen for Twolegs Toneworks.

Demos of the samples can be heard on the Bandcamp site, where the pack is also available for purchase: