The Silver Seiko 700 Series Typewriter Repair Manual

The Silver Seiko 700 Series Typewriter Repair Manual is now available! 136 Pages.

The Silver-Seiko (Silver Reed) company in Japan produced a very popular and often relabeled typewriter design in the Series 700 model in 1967. Among the dozens of rebrandings, most common are the the Royal Mercury, Signet and others in the metal shell and the Royal Swinger, Sprite, Fleetwood and Marksman in the squared plastic shell. In the UK, the 700 Series is often seen sporting the Imperial maker label, and throughout the world, this design was marketed by Silver-Seiko itself under the Silver Reed brand.
The 700 Series continued to be manufactured through the 1970's and into the 1980's before being discontinued and the tooling sold off. Eventually, the tooling found its way to China, where the last variation of the Series 700 design was produced by Shanghai Weilv as the Royal Scrittore II, Olympia Traveler C and the Rover Traveller C in 2012. Presumably the tooling is still in China, so it is possible that the design might be revived at some future date with yet another shell covering the same 1967 machine.
If you have any of these variations, you should find this manual useful in the repair, adjustment and identification of parts for your typewriter. Very little changed in this design throughout its lifetime of manufacture.

Complete 1970 Parts, Service and Adjustment Manual Covering:
Typewriter: Silver Seiko 700

Complete 1967 Parts Manual Covering:
Typewriter: Silver Seiko 700

1971 Silver Seiko 700 Portable User Manual