1928 Business Machines and Equipment Digest

The 1928 Business Machines and Equipment Digest compiled by Equipment Research Corporation is a fascinating illustrated 1500 page compendium of the office equipment, furniture and supplies common in the Roaring 20's, just before the Depression.

Covers Office Machines:
Account Registers, Adding Machines, Addressing Machines, Autographic Registers, Baling Presses, Billing Machines, Bookkeeping Machines, Calculating Machines, Cash Registers, Check Certifiers, Check Protectors, Coin Changers, Copy Holders, Copying Machines, Dictating Machines, Duplicating Machines, Endorsing Machines, Envelope Openers, Envelope Sealers, Feeding Devices and Joggers, Finding and Filing Devices, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Folding Machines, Inter-Communicating Equipment, Inserting Machines, Label Pasting Machines, Measuring Machines, Numbering Dating and Marking Machines, Package Tying Machines, Paper Cutters, Pencil Sharpeners, Perforating and Punching Equipment, Permit Mailing Machines, Projection Apparatus, Scales, Signature Signing Devices, Slicing Machines, Stencil Cutting Machines, Stamp Affixers, Stenographic Machines, Stitching Machines, Eyeletters and Paper Fasteners (Staplers), Tabulating-Accounting-Analysis Machines, Sealing Machines, Telautographs, Telephone Auxiliaries, Ticket Issuing Machines, Time Recording Devices, Typewriters, Typewriter Auxiliaries, Visible Record Equipment and Sanitary Appliances.

Covers Office Furniture:
Filing Equipment, Bookcases, Chairs, Desks, Lockers, Storage and Supply Cabinets, Tables, Trucks and Omnibuses, Safes, Machine Stands, Steel Shelving, Partitions, Shipping Room Equipment, Machine Bookkeeping Auxiliary Equipment, Manifold and Continuous Forms, Printing Papers and Related Data, Stationery, Envelopes, Carbons and Ribbons, Mailing Room Furniture and Equipment.

Covers Professional Services, Professional Associations and Publications.

Includes detailed descriptions of how the equipment was used and early age lists for typewriters, adding machines, calculating machines and cash registers.