The Manual Typewriter Repair Bible
The 1970 AMES Standard & Electric Typewriter Repair Manual
Brother JP-12 Electric Portable Typewriter Repair Adjustment Service Manual
Rocky's Electric Typewriter TEK Manual 1952
Rocky's 2: Office Machine Technical Manual and Office Machine Service Department Operation Manual
1940  AMES General Catalog No. 5
1946 AMES General Catalog No. 100
1955 AMES General Catalog No. 9
1960 AMES General Catalog No. 10
1965 AMES Parts Catalog No. 11P
1970 AMES General Catalog No. 12
1960 Shipman-Ward General Catalog No. 60
1956 Rocky Jones' Typewriters Unlimited
1928 Business Machines and Equipment Digest
1909 The History of the Typewriter
1912-1923  The Origins and Evolution of the Typewriter
1904-1906  The Oliver  Typewriter Company’s  Official Dealers Newsletter  Volumes IV & V