Truehome Workshop - How to create a home that fits who you are

The Truehome Workshop is a 144 page full color workshop created by visionary designer Christopher K. Travis, who has used this unique process, which combines psychological questionairres and image exercises, for over twenty years in his design practice. It allows him to design homes, remodeling projects and other structures that are highly tailored to what he calls the "emotional architecture" of his clients. He defines "emotional architecture" as "how individuals and families are built to automatically respond to the spaces around them". 

Travis sees “ the experience of being home” as a unique psychological fingerprint built into each of us by both genetic inheritance and life experiences. If your goal is to create a living space that fits who you are, and also empowers your wellbeing is for you. This breakthrough process, when interpreted properly, allows clients and their professionals to focus on what really matters when you choose to remodel, buy, design and build or redecorate you home - and that is the quality of life you and your family experience after you move into you new living space.

It's been market tested for over twenty years in an award-winning architecture firm. Travis and Truehome were lauded by the New York Times, and covered by media all over the world. The Workshop has been endorsed by some of the leading academic experts in this realm of science.

There is absolutely nothing else like it! Learn about your unique relationship with the environment around you and harness that knowledge to create a home that truly fits who you are!

This PDF version is for those who want to build their own notebooks. Later versions will be available that can be answered on a laptop or tablet.

Travis's firm at also offers consulting services to help both homeowners and home professionals learn how to use this powerful technology to create any home project, for any living space, from a huge custom home, to a refresh of your rented apartment.