Fringeworthy® Hardwired Hinterland -- Expanded 2nd Edition 2019

Richard Tucholka’s classic world of fantasy flight returns, reorganized, revised and expanded to 250 incomparable pages of Tri Tac’s signature weirdness and humor set in the same universe as Fringeworthy®­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. 
The setting is an endless grid of 200 square mile island Environs, each with a unique culture and dangers and dumps of technological materials to mine, surrounded by impassable seas. Vintage aircraft are readily available as salvage, however, and sturdy adventurers make good use of them. Hopping from Environ to Environ trading, delivering the mail or searching for adventure, our heroes will face everything from cannibals to kaiju as they uncover lost treasures and brave the unknown.

● 25 Environs (That take little conversion to make over into Fringe stops.)
● More than 25 scenarios and adventure seeds for your GMing pleasure.
● Dozens of pages of new NPCs, locations, and vintage plane statistics.
● Updated generic mechanics for modern players AND all the (optional) tables that classic Tri Tac fans demand!
● Spiffy new art, bookmarks, index and TOC.

Hardwired Hinterland is a generic concept RPG that can be adapted to any of your favorite systems.