Incursion Collection

INCURSION I Earth has been found by space pirates. Thousands of people are vanishing every year, abducted and enslaved by the brigands.  You are one of them.  First you saw the lights in the sky, then you woke up on the alien starship. But your fellow slaves have staged a successful mutiny against your captors, capturing the ship that was transporting you to servitude.  You awaken from cold sleep to find yourself part of a small group of desperate humans and assorted friendly aliens, all lost in a fallen galactic empire of a hundred-million inhabited worlds.

INCURSION II An accident at sea transports the Canadian research submarine HMCS Chalk River into intersteller space, where the sub is retrofitted with alien stardrive technology.  Both heroes and outlaws, the crew must survive to journey amidst these Strange New Worlds, hoping all the while that they can find home again.

INCURSI0N III "I don’t think this is Gdanska." An accident at sea transports an old Polish Freighter , the Lech Walesa, to the ends of the Galaxy. Earth has its second Starship and you are part of that crew lost amongst a Million Worlds of a crumbling Galactic Empire. Both Heroes and Outlaws, the crew must survive across these Strange New Worlds and hope they can find home again.