Incursion I

Long before recorded human history, the Earth was discovered by alien travelers known as the Anshani. Gentle in their ways, and with an incredible level of technology, they expanded their interstellar empire across this Galaxy. Welcoming many into their fellowship, they nonetheless had a few requirements for admission. Upon discovering the Earth, they stationed a Sentinel Drone in the Sol System to protect developing humanity from outside interference, and from the more warlike races who traveled the stars, NOW: With the Sentinel Drone gone, the Earth was open to alien contact. Earth has been found by pirates who command an ancient Anshani ship with amazing technologies. Realizing they have an untapped treasure trove on Earth, the pirates steal and enslave with every visit. As Mankind enters the 21st Century, Earth inhabitants hardly realize that thousands of people are vanishing every year. You were one of those, until you were woken from cryo-sleep by a 40-foot tall cockroach and heard the plea, "Help us!" You are a part of a small group of desperate humans lost in a fallen alien empire of a hundred-million inhabited worlds.