Mini Moke Workshop Repair Manual

Mini Moke Workshop Repair Manual On CD

This Workshop Manual is for the following BMC models made between 1959-1976:
•Mini Moke 850
•Mini Moke 998
•Mini Moke 1100
•Mini Moke 1275
•Plus all other Mini Models

The following is a list of information contained in this Mini Repair Manual. All sections show how to remove, repair and replace the parts with full easy to follow descriptions and detailed diagrams.

•General Data
• Engine Tuning
• Engine
• Fuel System
• Ignition System
• Cooling System
• Clutch
•Manual Gearbox
•Automatic Gearbox
• Drive Shafts
•Rear Suspension
•Steering Gear
•Front Suspension
• Hydraulic Dampers
• Braking System
• Electrical Equipment
Please note: This repair manual includes technical details on repairing every Mini model made from 1959-1976