Visionary Vortex 5D Business Immersion

A group of passionate visionaries gathered over the potent Equinox portal to explore new ways of being and co-creating their visions and dream creative projects and callings anchored in ease, trust and authenticity.


After our meditation and in some cases during it - numerous miracles, synchronicities and alignments came up to celebrate (as is usually the case when we activate fields of infinite possibility)..such as:


  • receiving a genius idea that solves a key strategic challenge for a business' structure and revenue generation strategy
  • receiving a message from a former biz partner sharing a success that happened without the former leader doing the work they always used to do to "make things happen"
  • cellular detoxing, allowing latent pain that had been percolating for months to finally leave the body
  • awakening of new intuitive perception and energetic sensitivity, opening to conscious dimensional travel

In our amplified field - a mini-retreat in itself - you are invited to receive healing guidance, Akashic transmissions, personalized coaching and consulting, and insight into the principals and protocols of 5D business and co-creation, including:


  • 45 Minute Guided Akashic Meditation - Energy Healing - Journey assisting you to embody your authenticity, activate your magnetism and intimmately connect with your creative vision to see new potentials and paths forward
  •  2.4 Hour complete audio transmission including embodied movement guidance, meditation, 1:1 support and channeling, 5D business strategy and approaches to authentic marketing, business-architecture and creative visioning
  • 2-Page Guide for 5D Business Protocol, Key Principals + Embodiment Practices for amplified magnetism, ease and authenticity


This retreat activation supports visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.


Let's play.