5D Visionary Embodiment Activation

Enjoy this hour long journey guiding you into alignment with your soul purpose vision and optimal creative state of being. 

In this immersion fusing meditation, energy healing, attunement, visualization and guided embodiment practice you will:
- Feel deeply connected to your center and grounded into the earth 
- Attune to greater receptivity, trust and expansion 
- Meet your business - creative vision as it’s own sovereign being, welcoming it to give you directions and inspiration into your next steps 
- Experience a multitude of various energy mastery protocol to inspire your own continued personal practice
- Attune to the frequency of abundance and experience greater magnetism and ease in attracting resources required to actualize your vision 
- Receive crystalline clarity on your path and guidance in how you’re called to share your gifts
- Activate new intuitive perceptions and capacities while refining overall multidimensional sensitivity and discernment 
- Feel clean and clear of misaligned energies or densities stuck in your field or body that are ready to be released 

This transmission was anchored for the 5D Visionary Council in March 2021 in service to embodiment of potent magnetism, ease in receiving, vision alignment, and attunement to trust, faith, genius creativity and expansive joy.

Note: The song at the end is “Arcoiris” by the multi-talented visionary artist, healer and musician Porangui, a friend who will receive a portion of proceeds from this transmission.