Burlesque Theater Mesh
IMVU Goth Altar
IMVU The Pit Club Mesh
IMVU Waterfall Fireplace Mesh
IMVU Floor Fireplace Mesh
IMVU Wall Fire Fountain Mesh
IMVU Fire Fountain Mesh
IMVU Club Couch Mesh Set (3 Couches)
IMVU Dance/Strip/Office Club Meshes x 3
IMVU Club Style Mesh
IMVU Wall Sconce Light Mesh
IMVU Entertainment Center Mesh with Reflect Version
IMVU Unnamed Club Mesh
IMVU Fiery Texture Set
IMVU Fountain (can be scaled)
IMVU Spruce Club Mesh
Black and White Playboy Texture Set
IMVU New Breed Club Mesh
IMVU Thick Frame Mesh
IMVU Small Club Mesh
Z Party Time Room Mesh
An Evening Out Room Mesh
IMVU Little Girl Mesh With Textures
IMVU Purple Princess Texture Set
IMVU Rouge Texture Set
IMVU Princess Room Texture Set
IMVU Curvy Fountain Mesh
IMVU A King's 3 Texture Set
IMVU Black/Gold Xmas Texture Set
IMVU Black/Gold Poker Textures
Glow Effects Textures
IMVU Niche/Tempo Club Mesh
IMVU Farside club Mesh
IMVU Slave Word, Seat and Wall
IMVU Table Candle Decor Mesh
TheZ Cozy Apartment Mesh
Side Shelf Mesh
Black Magic Texture Set
IMVU Dev Numbers 00-99
IMVU Systematic Club Mesh
IMVU Booth With Table
IMVU Booth No Table
Z Room Divider Mesh
IMVU Red Silver Texture Set
IMVU Red Gold Texture Set
IMVU Purple Silver Texture Set
IMVU Purple Gold Texture Set
IMVU Green Silver Texture Set
IMVU Green Gold Texture Set
IMVU Blue Silver Texture Set
IMVU Blue Gold Texture Set
IMVU Valentine's Day Love Shelf
IMVU White Pearl Texture Set


NO RESELL RIGHTS TO ANYTHING HERE!!!!! All files are in Zip format. Each Zip file contains the xsf and xmf. If you need assistance, please contact me on IMVU.


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