Everyday Series: Haircuts

The first of hopefully many "everyday" kits to help you tell the story of even the most "mundane" aspects of your life! These kits coordinate with existing kits in the Project Life* app to help you utilize what you already have purchased!

Haircuts...so simple to overlook as part of our story but, as a mom of three boys, I spend a lot of collective time thinking about haircuts! Who needs one? When can we fit it in? Do we want to change the style? Not to mention my own hair!! A story in and of itself!

13-3x4s, 2-6x6s**, 2-4x6

*TPS is not affiliated with the Project Life brand

**6x6 cards are meant to fit in any pocket size without compromising their design integrity.

No physical product will be sent to you. This kit is delivered in the form of a digital download. Due to the nature of digital files, all sales are final.