Chrome and Metal Plating for Mechanics

Chrome and Metal Plating for Mechanics

Metal Plating is Expensive The smallest Motorcycle part $50 or More.
By the Time you get to the end of a Project you Have $100's if
not Thousands on the Process.

The answer is do it do-it-yourself not Difficult you could learn
the basic process in a few hours
Start small think Big metal plating made easy.

All the information you need to get going.
Make it your new hobby.
Make money from chrome working.

These Manuals cover.
Chrome plating
Coper Plating
Nickel Plating
Gold Plating
Silver Plating
Anodizing Techniques
colour Anodizing
Preparation -
Safety -
The Tools needed
All in Plain English.

Chemical suppliers list and manufactures and importers
such as Caswell (eu) supply through the post some of
there back catalogues are featured here.

Where can I buy acid? Where can I buy Chrome crystals
What power supplies do I need all Answered.
Check out the Extensive List of manuals below.

FILE Know your Bass metals
FILE Caswell bumpers and wheels and Large Parts
FILE Caswell 2008 catalogue
FILE Chrome Plating hints and Tips.

FILE Chrome and Nickel Modernization Coating Materials.
FILE Craswell catalogue Chemical supplies
FILE Craswell Buff book. It's all in the preparation.
FILE Dura Chrome Hard Chromium Plating.

FILE Electro less Nikle Plating alternative to chrome.
FILE Hard Chrome Plating vs HVOF Process
FILE Hard chrome replacement.
FILE Troubleshooting Section
FILE The Metal Plating Workshop Manual

FILE MPC-Plating-Quad-Nickel Plating Brochure.
FILE NHML-Materials-Testing-Newsletter.
FILE The Metal plating ref book.
FILE The Plug and Plate Instruction book.
FILE Metal plating Rule 426.
FILE Steel Finish to Products for High Temperature.
FILE Surface Finish preparation
FILE Thermal Metal spray Coatings.

FOLDER Chrome Plating
FILE Analysis of Hard Chromium Coating Defects.
FILE Case Study Independent Plating
FILE Chrome large parts.
FILE Chrome plating Ball seals Selecting Materials.
FILE The chrome plating Guide
FILE Chrome Thermal spray Leahey-Final Report.
FILE Chrome and Nickel Modernization Coating Materials.

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