Kount Drums Volume 3

The war is over...wack drums lost.

Introducing Kount Drums Volume 3, an army of overpowered drums at your command.

Using illegal saturation techniques, these drums are ready to deliver levels of slappage well above your recommended daily dosage. Futuristic smack with a human touch.

Dusty percussion loops, hater proof one-shots, & Kount pocketed drum grooves (neck brace not included)

Kount Drums Vol.3 contains the following armaments:

35 Percussion Loops

16 Programmed Drum Loops

14 Claps/Snares 

18 Hihats 

10 Kicks

19 Percs 

11 Textures/Misc Sounds 

123 Total Sounds (175.3 MB)

Each individual sound in this pack was hand forged to take on versatile genres with a distinctive warmth and toughness  

The war is over...dope drums won.