Kount Drums Vol. 1

Kount Drums Vol. 1 


In the pack you'll get...

- 14 of my finest, hand crafted one shot drum samples (kicks, snares, percs etc)

- 1 Multi-sampled vintage high hat ( 26 individual samples) 

- 10 Programed drum loops 

(118 MB Zip File)

100% original sounds created/recorded by The Kount 

Processed for maximum SMACK

DRUMS! My first instrument and self proclaimed greatest strength as a beatmaker.

Drums can make or break a track.

Getting punchiness and clarity using hollow drum sounds you found on reddit is nearly impossible.

You have to start at the source...

It's like good cooking. If you start with organic ingredients you're going to have an easy time making your food taste delicious.

Thats why I'm hooking you up with the free-range, grass fed SLAPS.

*Disclamer: These drums may cause neck trauma*