FREE Audition Edit for VLOGS

FREE Audio Template to make your vlog audio sound crispy!

Designed by:

  1. Edit your rough vlog / video sequence in Premiere Pro. 
  2. Export a .wav of the audio from Premiere.
  3. Open the file "CH GG Vlog Audio Template.sesx" in Audition.
  4. Import your audio into the program.
  5. Drag it onto Vocal 1 or 2 and listen back. Decide which track you like better.
  6. Export and import back into Premiere. Sync up the new audio file with your video!
  7. BOOM - Done. 
If you want to further tweak your audio. Click the "Effects Rack" panel in audition on the track your audio file is on. Then click each effect (E.G Parametric Equalizer, Multiband compressor, DeEsser) and tweak to your liking. Pro tip: Listen back on a good sound system and trust what your ears hear. 

Quick note:

These things take time to make! Any donation is appreciated. It allows Gabe and I to go out for Pizza from time to time to plan more videos!



- Chris Hau