Chris Hau Lightroom Presets v2


These new v2 presets have been crafted + fine-tuned, over & over again. Developed with an artistic touch, these LR presets will add the punch and emotion you're looking for. Inspired by our commercial, portrait, wedding, and Instagram work!

I wanted to create the most versatile and “best bang for your buck” Lightroom pack on the market. A product you could use every day but also in your successful and growing business. These were tested using Sony, Nikon, Canon, FujiFilm and Adobe standard colour camera profiles.

What’s included: 20 PRESETS + 5 ADJUSTMENT TOOLS

How to Install:
  1. Unzip the File Chris Hau V2 and save the folder somewhere safe.
  2. Update Adobe Lightroom. Make sure you’re running 7.5 or higher. (I personally use CC Classic)
  3. Go to preferences - Presets Tab - Click Show Lightroom Develop Presets - This will open a settings folder
  4. Double Click Settings Folder and copy and paste (or drop) the folder “Chris Hau V2” into the settings folder.
  5. Restart Lightroom and the Lightroom presets should be installed!
  6. Now scream "WOOOO" and get editing.
Thank you again for your support! It really means everything to me. Each purchase helps us to fund new original content - just for you guys :)

VERY IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT download these on your mobile phone. Download them on your laptop or desktop computer FIRST. Once installed in Lightroom CC; they can then be used on mobile after. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Lightroom. You will receive a zipped folder containing (25) .XMP files that can only be used in the latest version of Lightroom.

Get your creative juices flowing and start creating! If you create anything with the presets hashtag #HauPresets and tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured on my Instagram stories + the @HauPresets Instagram page!

Your homie,

- Chris