4K + 1080P Export Presets [Premiere Pro CC}

If you watched this video: https://youtu.be/bp2QOaGbZr0

You're probably here for the free video export presets! 

This pack includes:

4K Export Presets:
  1. 4k 23.976 FPS CBR65 (Software Only)
  2. 4k 23.976 FPS CBR65 (Hardware)
  3. 4k 29.97 FPS CBR65 (Software Only)
  4. 4k 29.97 FPS CBR65 (Hardware Only)

1080 Export Presets:
  1. 1080p 23.976 FPS CBR65 (Software Only)
  2. 1080p 23.976 FPS CBR65 (Hardware)
  3. 1080p 29.97 FPS CBR65 (Software Only)
  4. 1080p 29.97 FPS CBR65 (Hardware Only)

How to use:
1. Download Presets
2. Unzip Folder
3. Open Media Encoder.
4. Click the button that says "Import Preset"
5. Navigate to the folder you saved your presets
6. Select the preset you want.

If you want to support the channel suggested donation is $5.00 for the preset pack! 

- Chris