Fantasy Server Hub
PvP Arena
Multi Pack 1v1 Arenas
Multipack2 1v1 PvP Arenas
HCF package! Road + Spawn + 2 koths!
Multi Pack3 - Koths
Multi Pack2 - Koths
1k x 1k Forest warzone
Multi Pack - Koths
Desert Koth
Medieval Conquest
Medieval 'Tower' Skywars map
Under Water Koth
Nature Koth
HCF Spawn + road
Magical Fantasy Hub
Minecraft Room
Atlantis Water Lobby
Floating Oriental Hub
Baroque Faction Spawn
4 Portal Medieval Hub
Purple 4 portal hub
1k x 1k fantasy desert warzone!
Tower KoTH
Medieval Harbor hub
Western Koth
3 Portals Hub
Tropical Island (512x512)


The Buildstore is a collaboration of multiple builders managed by Aekalix. We offer very high-quality buildings for a cheap price! Contact: [email protected]


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