Oh Wonderful, Lightheart - Font Collection

Simplicity takes courage. For you who are done with all the complications, we present - "Oh Wonderful, Lightheart". A collection of fonts packed with tender beauty. These duo will simply standout among overworked designs. We provide you few examples on the preview to make you see the allure of this mildness.

Oh Wonderful - a sans serif with 3 different variations; regular, play, italic. It holds true to the look of a basic sans with uneven heights that make it fun to pair with a script font.

Lightheart - with regular and script versions. The even baselines and nice curves make it the Lightheart. Made to provide a simple, basic output with a great appeal. The swashes are found on these keys: (), {}, <.

-English Alphabet
-Basic Punctuation

Thank you for looking!