7 Free Vintage Lightroom Presets | Vintage Film Look

Free Vintage Lightroom Presets. 7 Film Look Lightroom Presets. 

This Vintage Preset Pack is now up for grabs for free! This lightroom preset pack includes 7 LR presets. They all have that vintage film look to them.  

This pack includes: 

Vintage 1

Vintage 2
Vintage 3
Vintage 4
Vintage 5
Vintage 6
Vintage 7

PS. These are all Lightrooms new XMP. files. So if you have older than 7.3 version of Lightroom they won't work! I included 7 DNG pictures you can download if you have older versions of LR.

DNG pictures store the settings to them, so this is what you do:

1. Open the pictures in lightroom.
2. Manually save the settings on each picture to a preset.
3. Voila! enjoy the Kodak Preset Pack! 

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Hugs to you all, 
Arnúlfur Hákonarson - That Icelandic Guy.