Coronavirus Immune Support Kit - 100% Hotep Approved

Are you scared that the SARS Remix has you or a loved one in its crosshairs?

Do you flinch everytime you see a co-worker cough thinking "damn this mf got the corona"?

Are you worried about the safety of your children or elderly loved ones against this novel virus that has already claimed almost 2000 lives in China alone?

The novel Wuhan coronavirus has threatened to be a global pandemic that currently has no treatment plan devised by the medical community.

However, what they don't realize, is that Mother Earth has already given you the tools to protect yourself from this deadly virus.

With the Coronavirus Immune Support Kit, you get a 5 page pdf that will help you:

• Discover how a doctor successfully treated the Poliovirus by mega-dosing!

• Discover what weird molecule found in Twizzlers you need to boost your immune system and when to stop taking it!

• Discover the two (2) vitamin supplements your body desperately needs to fight off the Coronavirus!

• Discover the eight (8) other foods you need, instead of supplements, that your friends / family aren't talking about!

• Discover the exact dosage you need to boost your immune system so you don't harm yourself!

• Discover how long to dose, for maximum effect, and when to stop!

• Discover how to calculate the correct dosage for your child(ren) so they are not harmed by overdosing!

• Discover how to find your bowel tolerance to find the best dosage that works for your body!

• Discover the five (5) essential oils to put in your home / office diffuser to attack the nasty germs in the air you're breathing in!

Purchase this if you're ready for the peace of mind that you and your loved ones have the means to defend yourself from this deadly coronavirus.

Also as an added bonus, discover my secrets to researching and finding answers to anything on the internet using my short training video, Aquarian Insights: A Guide to Researching in the Age of Information.

This 1 hr, 15 minute discontinued webinar is included absolutely free with the purchase of this PDF ($44 value) and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

I, Tanei the Science Guy, have 7 years research experience at the interface of chemistry and biology. My PhD is in organic chemistry with a focus on chemical biology.

I have a deep knowledge and understanding of biochemical processes as well as breaking them down in a way that is practical for you to use.

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3-15-20: Added (In Red in the Document)

- 2 powerful micronutrients that everyone needs to unlock their true immune potential

- A list of quality herbs that will help your macrophages murder SARS remix on sight

- Experimental therapies that are high risk, high reward if all else fails to keep you protected

- A specific list of mushrooms to eat that will force Covid-19 to bow down to your immune system

- The hidden things that you need to stockpile that will instantly embarrass the toilet paper hoarders and make you look like a genius

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Explanation of Cytokine Storm

Everyone has been talking about the fatal cytokine storm that seems to swiftly induce death in SARS remix patients. Here’s a quick explanation

The cytokine storm is an immune response to the detection of the virus, but it is an overreaction. There are two types of cytokines, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

Depending on the situation, the same cytokine can be pro or anti-inflammatory.

In the case of the cytokine storm, the cytokines are PRO-inflammatory, which is actually a perfectly fine immune response. Acute inflammation signals injury.

That’s why bites and cuts tend to swell.

The typical information floating around has been to boost the immune system. Some of this is by enhancing the immune response. An enhanced immune response is potentially bad during a cytokine storm because it is making the overreaction stronger, which leads to more lung damage.

When you get to chest symptoms, you need more anti-inflammatory foods and herbs.

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3-26-2020 Update (added in orange)

This update contains two top-secret molecules that only those in the medical community are talking about right now. The molecule classes are peptide treatments and carbohydrate polymers.

Peptides are strings of amino acids that are smaller than proteins, but are still easily used by your body. They also regulate certain processes including boosting your immune system. The 2 peptides listed here are known to stimulate your immune system, decrease inflammation, and inhibit viral replication, giving you more than a fighting chance against SARS remix.

The carbohydrate polymer listed is actually a derivative of beech tree bark that has been known to inhibit viral absorption into your cells.

All of this means that SARS remix will have a hard time setting up shop in your body once you get your hands on this new update.

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