Hello all!

Its been awhile!

Heres the map Ive been working on for about 2-3 days now and finally finished.
This took a lot of work, even though importing the models are easy, I had to do everything else -- Texturing, modeling some extra things,materialing, lighting,etc.

The images Above are shown using Octane Renderer for Cinema 4D.

I recommend downloading the Demo Verison or Student version (If you go to school) and check it out.

The last image is the Standard version and how that will look, and I tried hard to get it too look like the octane version.

It wont look nearly as good, but at least you all will be able to use the Overwatch Character models on this Map!!


- Textures

- Standard C4D Version File (Map with Standard textures)

- OBJ and MTL files are also included for people who want to use it in other Apps (No LONGER ADDED - If needed Just MSG or Email)

- FBX File (to use with other applications,textures,lights,etc) (No LONGER ADDED - If needed Just MSG or Email)

Pricing is at 3.25$ for support! I know Ive been doing free stuff for while so I appreciate any support to help me make more and do more!