Tag's Preset Library (Buy This, Free Products)

Hey guys, I wanted to put this on sellfy because I keep getting similar requests for all of my things to be consolidated into 1 pack. And so here it is, And for 25$, that seems ridiculous. So I helped add more value to this. So not only are all my products consolidated into 1 pack, but you also get more benefits such as: - Faster Updates. This pack will get updates quicker than the other products. - More PREMIUM content. Ill be adding things that no other product on my sellfy has - Auto GI Lighting - Just Load up a sky, and add a sky texture from the GI LIGHTING tab and load up my render settings, and BAM. Automatic lighting :D THE BIGGEST PERK. FREE PRODUCTS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO BUY THIS :) All future products will be free for those who buy this pack :P The only downside is having to redownload the entire thing again, but for free stuff, why not! xD Anyways, Thanks guys! I appreciate the support and I really try to make things easier for you guys! :DDD With the new JULY update, I now host a challenge! IF WE CAN GET 20 PURCHASES ON THIS PRODUCT,I WILL MAKE THE "OCEAN PRESET" FREE!

This is free, thanks for your support!!