Walk Cycle Preset BETA v1

Hi Guys,

Today I bring You a awesome concept.

If youve ever used Anishwij's rigs, even to this day , the concept off having a easier way to make a character walk or run has been extremely hard.

Of course it takes hard work, but Im trying to make this abit easier while having control over stuff so nothing is changed but the time you get things done!

So I enjoyed trying to make something that would do that with this rig.

Its still in BETA, I plan to add a few features later on once I figure out how to do them.

So what is the Walk Cycle Preset?

Its basically alot of xpresso and some PSR tags that allow you to attach these tags to the matching parts of your rig, like feet or arms, in order to give any rig a walk cycle.

Right now this rig can work with any rig that has at least 2 feet, and it doesnt have to be Minecraft!!!

There is also the option to turn of the World axis that the Rig is on and instead have it parented to your Character rig, which will allow you to Rotate your rig and keep the walk cycle!!

This will be good for later on when I add Spline support for things like Stairs and custom paths!!!

So the Main Features are:

- Compatible with almost any rig (Tested mainly with Minecraft FMR rig)
- Very customizable for different walk and runs
- Supports manual control over certain aspects of the walk, including feet,arms,wrists,back,head,etc

- Better than Cmotion and going to be better than any AutoWalk on the next update!


- AutoWalk like Anishwij's (Move a controller to make you character walk)
- Being able to have a walk and switch out of it seemlessly
- To be announced
If you have any questions or problems, please tell me via twitter @TagAnimationz

I will try to help the best I can!!