Re-Map Plugins v1.5 (By TagAnimationz)

Hello All! I am proud to present some NEW plugins Ive created to help out the Minecraft 3D community! These Plugins are Called the Re-Map Plugins! PlantMap - Maps 3D plants to your 2D Plants that you import into your scene. Video Link: LightMap - Maps Lights to Whatever block in your imported scene that you need lit. Such as glowstone,torches,etc (Requires the Included Selection Tool Plugin) VIDEO LINK: BlockMap - Self-Explanatory. Replace your 2D Blocks with 3D models (Requires the Included Selection Tool Plugin) ! VIDEO LINK: The objective of Re-Map is to replace objects automatically, so you as an animator,etc dont have to spend hours to manually do it. Ive spent about 2-3 months researching and developing these tools/plugins for the use the Minecraft 3D Community :) Here is a Link to the creator of the Selection Tool that is with my plugins. He helped me out by making it to help me with this project! LINK: ^^ Donating anything to him also would be much appreciated ~ This Plugin is Exclusive. Meaning That it will NOT be a part of the "Preset Library" ~ ~Thanks For the Support~ Leave feedback or comments on twitter @TagBotSenpai or @TagAnimationz :D *** FOR THE NEWEST UPDATE with PlantMap, read how to use it here:

This is free, thanks for your support!!