Mecha Slime Rig v1 [Freebie] [FK Rig]


its been awhile
Today I am here with a Rig I made.

Slime Rig is made by SatinAnimations, it's free. If you want JUST the slime rig, please go download it from his sellfy below!

Sellfy Link:

The modeling was random models I found online, free for use.

All of the rigging,and materials and creation of this was by myself.

This is a FK rig, not an IK rig (yet) so please dont expect this to be easily animated if you wanted that!

Its mainly for show as of right now, but also pretty cool to have!

This is FREE, so download it! I will be doing more of these with different mobs,but they will be in my new Preset Library coming soon!